Saturday, February 23, 2008

Henry Played With A Toy!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a biggie!!!! =) You see, Henry is the kind of dog that rarely wags his tail. He always had such a sadness about him, and a very loving sweet nature about him. It breaks your heart and makes you love him all the more so much you feel like your heart could burst with all the love.

There is no doubt Henry had a horrible life his first five years. He was rescued from a shelter he had been dumped at by his owner. He was 20 lbs underweight, nails severely overgrown and scheduled to be put to sleep that day. A lady from a Weimaraner rescue came to the shelter to pick up a weimaraner, and saw Henry. Though Henry is not a weimaraner, she just could not leave him to die. She knew he was a real treasure.

Right away Henry started to have cluster grand mals. They did their best to treat him and did not give up. Henry was severely head shy, and petrified of leashes. His original foster parents worked wonders on Henry with his fear of leashes. Henry has to be the absolute most well behaved dog on the leash ever. A dog cannot be better behaved on the leash than Henry. Equally well behaved maybe, but not better. Henry stays exactly by my left side. He stays so close, his collar is always right by my hand. He is always looking up at me on our walks, checking on me.

Henry went through multiple greyhound rescue groups, and was in rescue for over two years.

Henry is a greyhound/coonhound mix. In Ohio they have coondog trials, and they race the coondogs, thus greyhound/coonhound mixes became popular. But these dogs rarely get a decent life. =( Henry's old name was 'Speedy', and he was first rescued in northern Ohio.

Many of these dogs are trained to run faster by running along side vehicles while on leashes on back roads. One side of Henry's face has multiple scars, including a long one under his left eye. (sorry, doesn't show up in these pictures, I'll take a picture later and post it) He also has some broken/missing teeth on that side. After a long walk in the cold, his front leg on that side starts to hurt. I suspect Henry was injured while running alongside a vehicle on a leash. And I suspect he was severely head shy because either someone hit him repeatedly and/or somene stitched his face up themselves rather than take him to a vet, so as to save money. I'll come back and post more on this later, I need to take the dogs for their walk right now. =)

Here I am trying to catch a picture of Henry playing. Of course, as soon as I get the camera out, he stops playing! Lol!

This picture turned out blue for some reason, but here he is rolling the ball with his snout. Henry had just dropped the ball out of his mouth in this picture.
GOTCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D


Mrs.B said...

I'm so glad Henry is with you all now.

I wish I could hug him. (o: