Thursday, March 27, 2008

Video #1

I got a new camera today! =) I took this video right before feeding time. The boys aren't impressed with my new camera, lol. They wanted me to put the camera away and FEED them!

They got beef heart for the first time today. The heart was frozen. I thawed it *just* enough that I could carve it with an electric knife, then I cut the heart into chunks the size of half a fist, and bagged up the chunks.

I was told to save the blood as I was carving the heart up. That's why there's blood in the bowls. The blood is good for them. *gag*

I am a little self conscious about my voice, so I want to explain, if my voice sounds kinda different, or any of my pronounciation is off, I am partially deaf.


Stanislaw said...

My humans just placed our bi-monthly food order... and this time it included cow heart! Only the one they got is all ground up, but it still has that delicious blood in there. I never leave an ounce of "juice" behind after a feasting, so this all sounds good to me. Can't wait until it gets here!

Enjoy your heart feasts!

PS-- I get cranky too if I'm ready to eat and my humans aren't delivering the feast fast enough. I understand what you were going through, Mr. Henry!