Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another One =(

Henry had another seizure a little over an hour ago. Started out really severe, with the jaw locked open, the body arched and then legs thrashing, I ran into the kitchen, my little one was standing in front of the fridge with his Dad. I picked my son up by the shoulders and calmly and quickly moved him two feet away, opened the freezer, grabbed the bag of ice, put it on Henry's back. Again the ice was stuck in a clump. I didnt waste time this time breaking it up. I layed the bag of ice on the floor and smashed it with my knee and then applied to the lowest part of Henry's back and then his jaw relaxed, his legs stopped thrashing, and his body was no longer like an out of balance washing machine. He laid there for a few minutes, doing little flinches and staring off in space. There was feces and urine everywhere. The ice bag trick, it really works. This seizure (the grand mal part) was less than a minute.

It isn't as cool outside anymore. After a seizure, it is important to always (gently) cool your dog down. I put Henry in the tub and put some cool water in the bottom. The cool water on his feet helped cool his whole body down. I then gave him a luke warm shower. He needed the shower anyways, as he had feces and urine on him.