Friday, April 18, 2008

Processing Beef Heart

Today I bought beef heart and processed it. I bought it already frozen.

This is how I processed it:

~I let it thaw slightly. Blood doesn't run out as much if chopped while still mostly frozen. The blood from cow heart is especially good for them, so try not to waste the blood. I thaw and chop in a glass casserole dish, to contain the blood.

~I cut it in half fist size chunks with an electric knife.

~I laid the chunks out in casserole dishes, and put it in the freezer till completely frozen again. I think this is only safe to do if you did not let it thaw out very much to begin with. Make sure the chunks don't touch each other, or they'll freeze stuck together.

~When the chunks were fully frozen again, I put them all in a large ziploc bag.

~Now whenever I plan to feed some beef heart, I just take out a couple chunks a day prior. The bottom drawer in our fridge is devoted exclusively to the dog's raw meat. I keep the meat in two glass casserole dishes in there, and usually always have chicken in larger one, and some other kind of meat in the other.


Stanislaw said...

Hello ~
As you might know, we are designing a line of shirts and accessories for Stanislaw's blog that we will sell and donate the proceeds to animal rescue. I am currently working on a shirt design that shows 2-3 dog silhouettes sleeping on a sofa, and I LOVE your 2/4/08 photo of Henry sleeping belly-up. May I have your permission to trace his figure and add it to the image? Don't be afraid to say no if you're not comfortable with it... And I can send you the image for your approval if you'd like before we put it to use. Hopefully it will turn out as cute as I picture it in my head! Just let me know what you'd prefer.

Stanislaw's Mom

Walking By Faith said...

Henry would be honored! If you'd like me to post a picture of that without the chicken, let me know! =D All images on this blog are clickable in order to get the full size picture. I trust whatever you do. =)