Thursday, July 24, 2008

About The Antibiotic Free Meat...

I am fortunate to have found a place that sells only meat that has been raised with NO antibiotics, steroids or hormones. Their meat is significantly cheaper than the organic meat in the grocery store. For example, the stew meat I got for $3.98/lb. The grocery store charges $12.99/lb for organic stew meat. Whole chicken is $1.98 at the meat market, the grocery store sells organic chicken for $7.99/lb. It really pays to look for the best price!

We are using stew meat at first, and if Henry does well with this, then we will give chicken a try. Riley will be kept on kibble with a small dollop of homecooked to keep costs down.

The reason we are using antibiotic free meat, is because until Henry was given Flagyl, he had good seizure control. I sincerely blame the Flagyl for the dramatic increase in frequency of seizures. I shudder that I did not know better and put him through a full round of Flagyl and then even started a second! So what I am trying to do is basically prevent and any and all, even trace amounts, of exposure to antibiotics, until the seizures get back under control. Then we will see if he still needs antibiotic free meat. If he does, so be it.