Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 4

The dogs seem to have fully adjusted to the new diet. Their stools are 100% healthy now, with no mucus. Their stools are also only half the size they used to be, and they have only making bowel movements once a day now, instead of twice a day.

This afternoon, I took apart a whole chicken, getting as much meat off the bones as possible and putting the bones in the food processor. The food processor does not do the best job though. I had to hand cut several pieces smaller. Now Riley has six meals worth of crushed bone all ready for him so I dont have to grind them each meal. I will add the preground bones to whole pieces of boneless meat. We will go out tomorrow to a hunting store and pick up a metal hand cranked meat grinder and see how that works. Then I intend to premake lots of patties for Riley at once and freeze extra.

About Henry, who is able to chew the bones, I have found it better to give him big pieces and let him chew away at one big piece. I lay out a plastic table cloth cut in half and he holds the hunk of meat under one of his paws and tears away at it. Right now he takes about 15 minutes to eat. I like that he does not rush. After he is done with his chicken, he eats from his bowl the veggie mash that I add his medicine and supplements to. When it is warm, I will have him eat outside. Riley just eats all of his from his bowl as it is already pre ground for him.

What I find so satisying about raw is there is so little waste! When I prepare chicken for my family, all the bones and etc. get thrown away. With the the dogs, the skin is the only thing I throw away. I don't know if most people feed the skin as well, but I remove the skin because Riley is older and Henry is on a medicine that makes him more prone to pancreatitis.

Henry has either stopped passing gas, or his passing gas no longer has any odor since starting the BARF diet. That's a huge plus! =D


Mrs.B said...

Are you incorporating in grains or carbs into their diet?

My dog sitter, who works at a vet clinic, said they see a lot of dogs who do the B.A.R.F. diet getting very constipated and end up having to have medical help to *ahem* have a BM.

Keep us posted! LOL isn't it amazing how much doggy-do we end up paying attention to with our beloved pets?! (o;

Emily said...

Lol, yes! It is amazing how we pay so much attention to doggy doo! It's a good indicator of how they are doing though. =)

The boys stools are very hard, and I am worried they may be having some constipation, but I am not sure yet. I dont see them struggling to make poos yet. If I see them struggling to make a b.m. and nothing comes out, then I know they are definately constipated. Right now I think they are borderline.

I have heard sometimes there is a connection between grains and seizures in dogs who are prone, so I had decided to do without grains, but now I am considering putting oatmeal in Riley's, and a lower bone content in both Henry's & Riley's food. I am poing to put some pumpkin in too. The boys both got a raw egg (with shell) on top of their regular chicken and veggie mash this morning, something new.