Monday, February 25, 2008

Did you know...

That many dogs who eat raw, usually do not need dentals? That is such a huge plus to be able to avoid having your dog go under anesthesia! You save money and your dog doesn't have to go through the stress! =) The bones do have to be left unground in order to get this benefit though. (PLEASE READ EDIT AT BOTTOM, FOUND NEW INFO) Riley's teeth are improving. Everyday he gets better at chewing bones. He gets boneless meat, some ground bones, and then some chicken neck. He eats the easy stuff first, then he takes his time with the neck. The neck is cleaning his teeth and improving Riley's overall dental health. Dogs with severe dental disease are more prone to a whole host of illnesses, such as heart disease, kidney disease and etc.

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Bacteria, Bacteria, Bacteria...

Loads of bacteria find their way into the circulation every day. These bacteria can form cute little cauliflower-like growths on the delicate valve leaflets in the heart. I see so many old Poodles with rotten teeth and heart murmors. I can't see inside, but I often summise that these aquired valve leaks are the result of the bacterial threat from their chronic dental disease. Unfortunately, open heart surgery to repair the valves isn't in my line of expertise or the usual pet owners' budget.

Second problem... If bacteria are constantly causing a threat to the body the animals immune system has to fight them off or die of overwhelming bacterial septicemia. While fighting off the bacterial invasion from the teeth, globulins are formed (a protein) by the animals' immune system. Excess quantities of globulins (or proteins) can plug the tiny filters in the kidneys and cause a condition called amyloidosis. Kidneys are an essential organ needed to maintain life. Once they are destroyed there is no regeneration! Without a kidney transpant the animal will die.

EDITING TO ADD: I am hearing that the bone chewing is NOT the only thing that benefits dental health, it seems the greatest benEfit to raw is that there is no grain (if you don't add it that is). Grain apparently sticks to the teeth and causes decay. Which I think makes perfect sense. Raw doesnt stick to teeth like kibble does.