Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A little update since I haven't posted in a while. Riley is doing fantastic. Henry generally does better, but yesterday the twitchies came back again, and today he is passing an enormous amount of gas. He used to have the twitchies all the time, so this is still definately an improvement. =) Last time he had a grand mal was Dec. 9th and he passed an enormous amount of gas before that day and night too, and then seized at 4 am. He stopped passing gas after the grand mal. I've no idea what the connection is. His seizures are generally 3 months apart. March 9th will be 3 months. We are praying that he never does have another seizure. Next vet appt. is supposed to be March 19th, but we may make it sooner. He did get a new meat these last two days, cornish game hens. But he did fine with turkey and chicken so I'm not sure why cornish game hen would be a problem? I'll update if Henry has a seizure, or if he gets past the twitchiness/passing gas without a grand mal.