Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Double Coffee-Maker, Retro

Boy, last nght was a long night. Henry passed HORRIBLE gas all night long. I got up twice to give him some Rescue Remedy and prayed over him. This morning after breakfast, he made a HUGE pile of softish stool. He is presently sleeping in his nest bed in our room where it's nice & quiet. (my husband keeps an ear out for him in case he has a seizure) I gave him fresh tilipia for breakfast Monday morning. I wonder if it was the tilipia? I am considering giving the cornish hen to Riley and giving Henry something else. But it seems if he had a problem with the cornish hen he'd have trouble with all poultry? There is also a small chance Henry ate some play-doh. Hopefully this episode is over. If he has more diarhea, we will be going ot the vet sooner.

I am also considering feeding him ONLY his meat and supplements at breakfast and supper and do veggies fruit in the middle of the day as a snack. Read my post about veggies for more info about that.

I am going to seek some advice from the K9 nutrtion group at Yahoo. If anyone can give me some advice, I'd appreciate it. =)

MINI UPDATE: I think Henry may be better. I dont know for sure till I see a normal stool. We went for our usual walk, and he *seemed* fine. He is sleeping alot, but then again he always does that. His twitchiness is now almost non existant, and my house smells so much better today, lol! No veggies/fruit, fish or organ meat for supper. Just plain low fat chicken breasts and some bones. It seems he is going to get through this without a grand mal. (I hope I am not speaking too soon on that)


Mrs.B said...

I'm sorry Henry's not feeling well, I hope it passes soon. I'm glad you updated, I've been wondering how the new diet has been going. I hope Henry doesn't have another seizure.

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