Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Fellow BARF Blogger

I have a new link in my side bar to your right. It is under 'Favorite Blogs' and is called, 'I Eat Raw Meat'. This person is also blogging about her dogs BARF experience, and is at day 5 of the new diet. I highly reccomend you go check her blog out, VERY informational!


Stanislaw said...

Hey there. I really appreciate the link and post! You're also on my blog, linked under the "fellow BARFers" section.

I accidentally deleted one of your comments and don't know how to get it back. Sorry! I'm new to this whole blog thing and seeing that I have to type with my dewclaws it makes it all the more difficult.

A response to your deleted comment:
K9Nutrition is a Yahoo! group that you have to join. That's why the link didn't work and I deleted it. It's been very helpful and I recommend that you check it out. It's moderated by Lew Olson who owns B-Naturals, and is extremely knowledgeable about raw diets and such. He's also an expert on supplements for dogs with special needs on the raw diet, which may come in handy as you introduce your poor pup with seizures to the foods. He really helped our humans when we were exploding with "detox" all over their apartment. By the next day we were totally better.

Happy blogging! and BARFing!

Emily said...

About the deleted link, I did the exactly same thing to a dear friend of mine's comments when I first started my other blog, oops!=O

Thanks for the info on the K9nutrition group, I'm gonna go see about joining that group right now! My buddy Google will help me find it! ;)