Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our Meat Grinder Is Here!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE: I am editing this post to let everyone know this meat grinder broke immediately and is not capable of grinding bones. I advise you not waste your money on a meat grinder that has any plastic parts. The inner gear was plastic and broke.

Our meat grinder arrived yesterday evening! Now we are waiting on the kelp, and as soon as that arrives, we will start! *happy dance* =D

*Note: You may not need a meat grinder. The reason we are using a meat grinder is because Henry's teeth have suffered damage. Our other dog Riley, will be 13 in April, so that is why we have decided to grind. I understand that it is best for your dog's teeth not to have their bones ground. If concern of choking on bones and/or intestinal blockage is the only thing holding you back from trying B.A.R.F., then grinding may be the answer for you.

*Another note, if you have a dog with heart disease or epilepsy, and desire for your dog to get some good taurine from his/her raw diet, please read third paragraph in this link. Refer to links about taurine in my sidebar if you need more info.