Monday, February 11, 2008

Very Interesting!

I added a new link to my side bar: The Billinghurst Diet: Food For Thought. I am quoting this paragraph from that link, because I think it is very interesting and everyone should know this!

All raw foods are abundant in enzymes. Cooking kills all enzymes and all commercial foods are cooked. Food enzymes are a major component of an animal"s anti-aging, anti-degeneration mechanism. Enzymes help to prevent and even reverse some aspects of joint disease or arthritis. That is part of the reason fresh fruits and vegetables are important in alleviating arthritis in older dogs.


Mrs.B said...

One thing I read in one of my B.A.R.F. diet books is the importance of grinding up and partially cooking any veggies or fruit. They said the only way dogs get veggies and fruit in the wild is when they eat the stomachs and it's contents of something they've killed. The food would be partially digested. I guess if you just give it to them raw most of it is supposed to pass through as roughage and doesn't get digested.

But I'm certainly no expert, just sharing what I'd read.

Emily said...

I had heard about how veggies should be ground, but I hadn't heard about the partially cooking aspect of it. I'll have to check that out. My furbabies say thanks for letting me know! =)