Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Delay

Royal Mail Car for London in the Reign of Edward VII

Sorry for the delay in starting the BARF diet. We are still waiting on that kelp. See, the amount of chloride in Henry's food must remain consistent because of his seizure medication, Potassium Bromide. Kelp has quite a bit of chloride in it. Since I plan to add kelp I must wait until the kelp arrives before starting the B.A.R.F. diet, and I must add the exact same amount of kelp to every single meal. I will only be giving Henry a half the reccomended amount of kelp to begin with, so as not to throw his seizure med dose off too much at once. I am trying to keep the chloride level similar to his old diet. I placed the order 10 days ago, on the same day as I ordered the meat grinder, and it still has not arrived.


Stanislaw said...

Hi there. It's Stanislaw again. I wanted to share with you an awesome website my humans found:


While my mom cringed at the sight of the whole, skinned rabbit, I thought that absolutely everything on that website looked delicious and like it belonged in my mouth. I can't wait to finish feasting on my freezer full of goodies so that she can order me some goat and rabbit. I've been chasing those dang bunnies for years and didn't realize that I could have all that tastiness delivered right to my door! And that tripe... I'm drooling.

Emily said...

WOW! They have alot of stuff!!! I haven't been able to find skinned whole rabbit anywhere! I am putting that link in my sidebar, thanks! =)