Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Good Example Of Why It Pays To Research..

Yesterday when my vet explained to me about the raw fish, I told her I like to research everything and to please write down in my notebook the basic terms of what she was telling me. I then came home and googled away. Thiaminase kills off vitamin B and thiamin. I found out many dogs with epilepsy benefit from B6 supplements. Henry had fly catcher seizures all morning. Too many to count. These are a much milder form of seizures than grand mal, but we were obviously concerned it was going to lead to another grand mal. I then had the thought of perhaps we need to get the Vitamin B and thiamin back in him to undo the nuerological damage of the fish. We called the vet, and she said that was a good idea and to look for a Vitamin B-Complex vitamin that contains thiamin and is ideally derived from natural not synthetic sources and is in capsule form. So my husband immediately went and got Henry the vitamins. Henry has had one vitamin so far. We opened the capsule and sprinkled it onto his food.

It is always good to ask questions and pursue more options! =)