Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It's the FISH!!!! I gave Henry some fish for breakfast the day before his 'twitchies' started. I always knew those twitchies were somehow connected to the epilepsy. Raw fish has thiaminase. This destroys thiamin and vitamin B and can trigger seizures. So if you dog has epilepsy, I highly reccomend you never feed them fish. Anyways, the fish just basically messed everything up, and weakened his immune system and so he got diarhhea. Greyhounds are more prone to diarhhea than most breeds.

Me and my husband are glad everything worked out the way it did. because it happened on exactly this day, when the other vet was closed, we were able to find this vet, who was AWESOME! She is not against raw and was happy to hear how it had helped Henry. She was supportive of my desire to get Henry off the last of his seizure med and see if the BARF diet does the trick. She was just flat out fantastic and my husband quickly told me when the vet stepped out for a minute that he wanted her to be Henry's new vet. She has two greyhounds of her own, and she is knowledgable about greyhound's bloodwork being different and all that stuff.

God was able to make some good come out of this in how we were able to find this vet! =)

Henry is going on a 24 hour fast. Then he will be fed small meals of a mixture of white rice and plain defatted chicken three times a day for three days. It cant be brown rice, it had to be white rice. I was leery of grains, but Henry's rectum is so swollen and painful. So I want to take care of that first, then we'll get back to a grain free diet....WITH NO RAW FISH!

Henry will continue with the antibiotics we got from the other vet.

She didn't want to do the thyroid panel when Henry was sick, so we will make another appt. in about a month for the thyroid panel, and do heartworm meds at that time. She is specially ordering the exact brand of heartworm med we want for Henry. Which is *plain* Heartgard, not Heartgard *Plus*.