Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Grand mal =(

Henry had a grand mal at 5:37 am. It wasn't quite as severe as last time, but still pretty bad. This time his mouth didn't lock open. His legs paddled, his mouth foamed, his back and neck arched backwards, his whole boddy rattled like an out of balance washing machine and he peed and pouped. The poup was actually semi soft this time, not pure liquid as it had been. The post seizure phase was not as bad this time.

Two things I did that I think really helped:

~large bag of ice held firmly against lower back. The seizure happened to stop within a few seconds when I did that. Coincidence or not I dont know. This has worked for others as well.

~spoonful of Breyer's all natural vanilla ice cream as soon as he was able to work his mouth to be able to eat it.

He did act blind afterwards like he did last time. But he hardly ran at all. He paced, but did not run like last time. Henry is capable of running at very high speeds due to his breed so I am so glad he did not do the running thing because that does not go well with him not being able to avoid running into things.

He is on the sofa resting comfortably in his jammies.

We we're certainly better prepared this time.


Stanislaw said...

Perhaps these might be helpful Yahoo! groups for Mr. Henry?


raw food/holistic lists:


Hopefully one or two of those will be worth joining! As a side note -- I have found that groups with smaller numbers of members aren't as helpful since people aren't checking the lists that often. However, I'm sure that's not the case all of the time.

It's time for me to save that poor dog in the mirror. I've been crying for him all morning.

Feel better, Mr. Henry.

Emily said...

Hi Stanislaw. I joine the K9 epilepsy group immediately after bringing Henry home. They are a great group! It is because of them I knew about the ice trick and to do the ice cream. 99% of what I know about epilepsy is because of that group. There is SO much our old vet did not tell us. I am going to check out he other groups as well.

The med we got from the vet yesterday was from the old vet. He lets us run a tab se we went to him. Today we are going to the new vet. The new vet knows alot more about raw feeding.

Emily said...

Ack! Just called our new vet, and they are closed on Tuesdays! *groan* I am hunting for another vet knowledgable on BARF that s OPEN today.

Mrs.B said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Henry's seizure. )o: I'm glad it wasn't as bad as last time though.

Emily said...

Mrs. B. I too am so glad this one wasn't as bad!

We found a vet that is open today, knowledgable on greyhounds, and not totally against BARF feeding. We dont want a vet that is 100% against raw feeding or he'd blame the diet no matter what, and not be able to give us real advice.

I have no idea what we will be feeding Henry tonight. We'll know more after the vet appt.

The appt. is at 3:30pm.