Monday, March 10, 2008

Another update

Yesterday we came home to Henry having diarhhea. He jumped the gate, something he had never done before, and had diarhhea in 3 rooms. =( This morning he got half his normal size meal~lean boneless turkey breast and yogurt. Then had more diarhhea. =( Today we got two different meds from the vet. One is metrozondale<--sp? (an antibiotic), and the other is Loperamide, which is basically Immodium.

Stanislaw, the comment you left to my last entry, thank you so much. It really helped to hear that you went through the same thing and got through it without having to give up the BARF diet. Me and my husband were really beginning to worry BARF would not work out for Henry.

Neither me or my husband can stand the idea of making Henry go back to kibble. We would employ other ideas first before going back to kibble. Such as Honest Kitchen's dehydrated raw or homecooked or something of that nature.

Riley meanwhile, is just the opposite. Not a single problem with the transition. He never threw up even once. His stools were a little too hard at first. That was easily fixed by giving less bone.