Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mini update...

Henry has not had anymore diarhea, but he also has not made a bowel movement. He doesnt act like he is in distress, but I know dogs are better at hiding it than we are. If he doesnt make a b.m. by noon tomorrow we will go to the vet. Other wise, we will be going as previously scheduled, on the 19th. If Henry keeps yo-yoing with the bowel movements, I am wondering if he'd do better with a home cooked diet? (this would be lower fat) We'll see what the new vet has to say. Riley meanwhile, is doing excellent on the barf diet and having no problems. He's 13, but you sure can't tell! =)


Stanislaw said...

After I suffer from a bout of "sad tummies" I have a tough time getting myself to go again. It seems like the opposite problem develops. However, once a day or two passes things usually normalize and I'm back to my "regular" self. When my brother had his heartworm treatment when he was first adopted, he didn't go for almost 5 days! My human was told that she could give him a tablespoon or two of olive oil to help move things along -- but be aware of the additional vitamins and stuff that provides with regards to Henry's condition (lots of Omega-6s). I'm not sure if that will cause issues. Well, my mom never gave the olive oil but maybe it will help.

Good luck Henry!


Emily said...

I think I need to figure out what is the exact right meat/bone ratio that works for Henry. I have taken out all the supplements and veggies until he feels better, and am giving a much smaller amount of bone till he feels better. Meals are smaller, and he gets tiny snacks. (chunks of boneless skinless chicken breast)
Lots of people through the K9 nutrition list you referred me to are telling me it is perfectly normal for a dog not to go for awhile after having diarhea. What a relief that this is normal! =)

Henry says, "Thank you for all the help you have been Stanislaw!" =D

Stanislaw said...

Hi again, Mr. Henry.
I believe you are just about on track with what my brother and I went through. We did wonderfully on the new diet for a week or so, and then came down with terrible stomach upsets that lasted for the next 7-10 days. It was rough (ruff?). Digestive enzymes made a huge difference, along with some probiotic yogurt. We still get both to this day, even though we've been doing fine since we recovered from our initial adjustment period. Our humans were also worried about it because we were fine in the beginning, and they couldn't quite understand why all of a sudden we'd get so ill and have recurring symptoms for so long. Not to mention the fact that so many dogs write about making the switch with no problem at all! But, our systems eventually adjusted. It just took time. They were on the verge of switching our food but kept with it... and boy are we loving it today. So hopefully, Mr. Henry, you are just having a difficult run at the moment and it will pass. Tell your humans to be patient, buy lots of paper towel and cleaner, and perhaps even load up on the enzymes.

Our paws are crossed for you!