Thursday, March 27, 2008

Video #2

(having technical difficulties...)
I wish I could have gotten videos of both the boys chowing down, but I wouldn't have been able to feed them at the same time if I were to get videos of them both eating, as it is not a good idea to feed dogs raw food right too close to each other, and I didnt want to have to make one of the boys wait for the other to finish.

When I don't pre-chop the bone, Henry likes to take his hunk of meat, hold it down underneath one of his paws, on the kitchen floor and tug away at it. =) I then spray the floor with vinegar, let it sit a couple minutes, and then wipe clean, and then do a second spray and wipe down. I don't use harsh cleaning products such as Lysol anymore. Dogs noses are much more sensitive than ours, so I can only imagine they are more sensitive to the smell of cleaning products than we are.

In the summer, Henry will be eating his hunks of meat outside. Riley always keeps his in his bowl as his is pre-chopped. I use poultry scissors to chop the bones up smaller.