Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tomorrow is one week of no seizures, and I can tell the increase in seizure med (potassium bromide) has kicked in. =) Side effects generally mellow when the med has reached effectiveness in doing it's job of providing seizure control. It takes a while to get to that point and isn't effective with the first dose. Henry is no longer acting like he is starving all the time, and his friskiness has come back. I no longer have to pre-chop his meat as he is taking the time to chew it better and is digesting better now. He is still on only one kind of seizure med which is good. Because of the bad experience with the raw fish, I was afraid to get into Henry trying new meats. Very slowly we are expanding Henry's diet. So far he does well with:

~boneless pork roast
~beef heart

What we plan to try in the near future:

~pork neck
~beef tongue

Wal-Mart has chicken leg quarters for 47 cents a pound. It comes in 10 pound bags. This enables me to get some fancier cuts of meat as well. The cheapest source of red meat so far can find is an approximately 20 pound piece of chuck, unprocessed, that would come in one big lump for me to chop up myself. That would be $2.09 a pound. I am hoping I can find something better. Henry does very well with cow meat. I am going to look into eyeballs too.

By the way, if you need to chop bones, a much easier way than doing it manually with poultry scissors, is to bash the bone (while still inside a ziploc bag) with a hammer.


Stanislaw said...

Eyeballs? Yikes! My humans just got brave enough to order me some chicken feet to feed as treats and post-run snacks. But they're not quite at eyeballs yet. Actually the honest truth is that I will probably never eat an eyeball unless it comes nestled in place in a whole fish. Well, let me know how the first eyeball feeding goes if you do manage to get some! We are all quite curious...

Walking By Faith said...

I hear eyeballs are a good source of taurine, good for the brain which Henry needs. Henry can't have fish though. I gotta do some research and make sure it's safe with mad cow disease and all that. There's an emu farm nott oo far from here, I was wondering about emu heads with the beaks removed?