Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring A Prime Time For Seizures?

Henry is doing well today and seems to have recovered from yesterday's grand mal. He was quite frisky this morning, lol. Alot of dogs had seizures yesterday. One died yesterday morning after two grand mals. =( It seems alot of dogs have more seizures in the spring. One lady, her dog ONLY has seizures in the spring and is fine the rest of the year. Her dog had a seizure yesterday morning too. Weird.


Anonymous said...

How strange, I wonder if it's because of pollen and spring allergies.

I'm glad Henry is doing O.K. after his seizure. (o:

Walking By Faith said...

CTH, We have a vet appt. today at 2:30. I will ask the vet about that possibility. Thanks for mentioning it!