Saturday, April 26, 2008


Henry has made it beyond 24 hours without any grand mals! =) His stools are dark and firm, perfect! Riley however, the one who is usually NEVER sick, has light colored softish stool and made one huge throw up this morning. =( I am thinking Riley just needs to get beyond the transition period. He is 13 yrs old so that probably has something to do with it.

This is the kibble we are feeding:

For canned we are feeding EVO 95% beef, but I have decided when we run out of the canned stuff, we will try cooked stew meat instead of the canned. Henry must have some food with moisture to go with his seizure med or he gets sick. I don't like that the label on the 95% canned beef was so complicated with words I can't pronounce.


Hilary said...

Greetings from your pals at Cup of Dog.

I was thinking about poor Henry and his seizures and while looking up some stuff for my doggies, found this product called Vetri-Science Cell Advance. Reviews by users state that seizures were reduced or gone using this. I have had amazing results out of the same brand's DMG product.

Maybe it will help? Anything is better then watching your furball suffer...

Also, Wellness is a really good brand of food, even though there are a lot of 'kibble haters' out there - ignore 'em. You need to do what's best for your dogs!!

The Innova isn't bad, but for canned, I like Nature's Variety Instinct canned formulas.I use this, sometimes with the raw for my teeny 2 lb. rescue...

I used to work at a natural pet supply shop. I know the brands well!

Other kibble options that are extremely popular are Orijen (people who have tried it are obsessed - a lot of seniors use this) and I like the Timberwolf formulas.

Also, have you looked at the Dr. Pitcarin book on holistic pet health? I think it could be a really useful resource to check out.

All the best!

Walking By Faith said...

Wow, you gave me a gold mine of stuff to check out, THANK YOU! =)

I love learning of more options that may help Henry.