Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another update...

Tonight will be 1 week of no grand mals! =) Henry's fly catchers have reduced greatly. I keep trying to catch a video of flycatcher seizures so I can educate people on what they look like in case their own pets have them. But Henry's flycatchers have not been frequent enough to catch on video, a good thing actually! =D Back when the flycatchers were very frequent, I hadn't thought to get it on video back then. Basically what he does is he cranes his head upwards and snaps his mouth repeatedly, then licks his mouth rythmically for a little bit afterwards. I imagine it doesn't look the same in all dogs. Flycatchers are a much milder form of seizures than grand mals, but it's still good to know what they look like and be aware.

The new kibble is agreeing with Henry, (Wellness Core Ocean) but Riley is having semi soft light colored stools. So we will be trying a different kibble for Riley. (Eagle Pack holistic) I am still giving Henry probiotics. I'd like to get his immune system nice and well built up, and see if I can supplement with raw beef heart and turkey necks once in a while. Turkey necks clean teeth and beef heart has taurine. (good for canine epilepsy as long as your dog does not get diarrhea from the beef heart) If Henry can go three weeks of no seizures, I'll give it a try. It would not be in replacement of their regular kibble meals, it would be as a supplement.