Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Made It 19 days This Time

Henry was previosuly having seizures every 9-10 days. This morning at 5:24 am, Henry had a grand mal. I ran to get the ice pack, and as I re-entered the bedroom, my husband said in amazement that it was over already and hardly that bad. Never did need the ice pack.

Something I have noticed about Henry's grand mals, is he can never get up until *after* he makes a bowel movement. I never even try to encourage him to get up, as that would only agitate him being in that post seizure stage. I let Henry decide when he wants to get up. I know some might be tempted to hurry and get their dog outside before he/she makes a bowel movement, and maybe for some dogs that might be OK, but for Henry, I just accept that his pattern shows he is simply out of it until he makes that bowel movemment and rushing round and trying to get him outside before the bowel movement would be a very bad thing to do to Henry. Calmness is so important during a seizure.

After he has made his bowel movement, then he gets up, and he attempts to walk, usually failing in the first few minutes. Then he walks into walls and stuff, which he did today also. He always get caught up in dead ends around the house post seizure. I have heard of many dogs post seizure doing this.

Anyways, he is resting on the sofa comfortably. I am glad he made it twice as long as normal this time. Let's hope next time is even longer.