Friday, May 9, 2008

Tagged-6 Word Memoir

We have been tagged by Stanislaw. =)

This is how to play:

1. Post a 6-word memoir on your blog and include visuals if you'd like.
2. Link to the blog and dog who tagged you, ideally to their original memoir post.
3. Tag at least 5 more pups with blogs, link to them, and leave them a comment with an invitation to play.
4. Have fun!


Leash manners extraordinaire, Mama's boy. =D

Leash puller extradonaire.

(one of Mommy's knitting projects in progress)


Couch potato

I am not really sure who to tag, but if you would like to participate, please leave a comment linking to your blog. I look forward to reading your memoirs! =)


Stanislaw said...

Nice memoir. I love those sleepy photos of Mr. Henry.

Happy mom's day to your fur mom!


Cherish the Home said...

These were great!