Thursday, May 15, 2008

WANTED! Blog Links About Epilepsy &/Or Greyhounds

If you have a pet with epilepsy, and you blog about your experience, please leave me a comment. I would like to set up several links in my sidebar to other blogs about pets with epilepsy. Many people come to my blog looking for info on epilepsy, and I think they'd like if they could read about several pet's experiences with epilepsy rather than just Henry's.

Epilepsy is more common than we realize among pets, and after I witnessed my first grand-mal, there was an incredibly lonely feeling. And hearing from others who has been through this really helped me alot. It helps to hear about a variety of experiences.

One lady, she adopted a greyhound that was having terrible, terrible, earth shattering humongous seizures almost every night between 10-11pm. She was told she would likely need to euthanize her greyhound. She persevered and kept adjusting the meds, and today, her hound has been seizure free THREE years!!! WOW huh? =D You really should go read her story. She has been a great comfort to me as I struggle to get it right with Henry. She knows what it is like to watch your hound have such horrid severe seizures, and she also knows there is always hope. Her hound, Saint, makes this world a better place for other dogs with seizures in that he went from being such a hopeless case to being seizure free 3 years.


Also, there are so many misconceptions about greyhounds. It is amazing how little people know about greyhounds. If you have greyhound(s) and you blog, I would love to put your link in my sidebar, so people can get a better feel for what a great breed greyhounds are. Greyhounds are not the hyper breed many think they are. In fact, they are a fantastic breed for older people, or people with disabilities. They are one of the more gentle breeds. Our Henry is extremely gentle. He is perfect for my husband being in a wheelchair, because he is the right height, and he is super gentle.

Many people are under the impression that racing greyhounds run all day long. When in fact, they only race on average once every four days. Greyhounds are fast yes, but they are not built for endurance. They are lazy, and their favorite activity is sleeping. =P

Out of our two dogs, an American Eskimo and a Greyhound/Coonhound mix, the American Eskimo has the higher prey drive, and is the hyper one, and is the one who tugs on the leash and has a tendency to be naughty. (goes nuts when he sees kitties, squirrels, etc.) People would think it to be the other way around, but it is not. In fact, when I walk my dogs, people see Henry's size and breed, and that I am so small and they ask who is walking who, motioning towards Henry, not seeming to notice that he is directly at my side, and the leash is loose. I always point out that it is actually our American Eskimo, who is almost half of Henry's size, walking us all. Henry is a fantastic ambassador for greyhounds.

People adopt little dogs like Yorkies and such thinking they don't want a hyper dog. The truth is, little dogs are often plenty hyper, and what they lack in size they more than make up for in a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e, LOL! I have nothing against small dogs, but people tend to adopt them for the wrong reason.


Stanislaw said...

Hi there.
Just wondering how Mr. Henry is doing on his new diet.

We started up with a new vet that is FABULOUS and rescues racing greyhounds. It was very interested to hear her talk about her 2 greyhound babies. They are certainly a very special breed.

Hope all is well,

Walking By Faith said...

Stanislaw, thanks for the heads up! We feed Wellness Core Ocean. We did seriously consider Timberwolf, so glad we didnt feed that! =O

Dave said...

We have an epilepsy section on our forum which contains several blogs as well as links to more information.

Look out for Aramis, Crunch, Cassie, Bud, Harry.

hth Dave
Poplar Farm Kennels UK

Donna said...

So true so true - larger dogs are better than those little hyper ones :) My siberian husky is one month seizure free - he went into status a month ago and we almost lost him - he is now labeled with canine epilepsy. I'm blogging at
We're trying the holistic approach now and things seem to be positive so far so good - one day at a time...
Thanks for getting the word out about epilepsy!