Sunday, June 1, 2008

Going camping!

Hey everyone! Both boys are doing well on their new diet. Currently it is Wellness Core Ocean for Henry, Innova Senior for Riley, Merrick's canned (either Cowboy Cookout or Venison Holiday), a probiotic a day for Henry, and beef heart twice a week. We are keeping Henry's diet grain and poultry free, hoping this helps? All is going well so far, except Henry did have one more grand mal since I last posted, (see sidebar seizure record) but it was so mild I was almost tempted to call it a petit-mal, except when they lose control of bowels it is always considered a grand mal which Henry did.

Today we are going camping, but we are staying within 20 minutes of home, just in case it is all too stressful for Henry and we need to come home. We are going to great lengths to set it up in as comfortable of a way as possible for the dogs. We will post pictures! =) We will be home on June 5th.