Sunday, July 27, 2008

I contacted my friend who gave us the recipe we are using for Henry, and I told him everything about Henry's vomiting. He asked what Henry was vomiting,(ie., food or bile or etc.) and I explained there were big chunks of meat in the vomit. He suggested I chop the meat up finely. So I pulsed it in the food processor.
I think this will make a big difference. I will keep you all posted!


Stanislaw said...

I get sick too if food stays in my stomach for too long - usually around 4AM. My humans have learned that if they feed me 60-70% of my daily rations in the morning (right after my AM exercise), and then a small dinner, I won't get sick at night. Perhaps smaller meals will help your tummy? Digestive enzymes also made a HUGE difference with me and Pupi.

SO HAPPY that your fly catchers are gone!