Monday, July 28, 2008


Henry has made it beyond 24 hrs without vomiting at all. Whew! Flycatchers are still gone. Today is 11 days of no grand-mals. Last flycatchers were while I was cooking the first full home cooked meal for Henry on Thursday, 4 days ago. I'm excited that we could really be making some progress here! =)


Erin and Lucy said...

Hi Emily,
I'm new to the B.A.R.F. blog and have also just joined EPIL-K9. My Saint Bernard, Lucy, is 9 months old and has been diagnosed with epilepsy. I want to thank you for posting Henry's story, I find it extremely helpful and have learmed lots from your sharing. Henry is a handsome dog and sure is lucky to have a mommy that loves him so much. I'll certainly be trying some of the things you've mentioned with Lucy.
Thanks again and best of luck Henry!
Erin and Lucy

Emily said...

Hi Erin & Lucy!

The EPIL-K9 list helped us so much!It's because of them I know about the ice pack trick. There is so much many vets don't tell us. It's my goal to spread what I have learned, and what works for Henry.