Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Starting Full Home Cooked!!!!!

Okey doke! We have tried everything under the sun except full home cooked diet. (and putting back on pheno which we *really* would like to avoid) Henry has been having some flycatcher seizures. Nothing serious, but it does indicate to me something is triggering this, and knowing his pattern, it tends to lead to a full blown grand-mal within a few days. I know for sure Flagyl antibiotics are one definite trigger of flycatchers. When Henry was on Flagyl (an antibiotic), he had flycatchers almost constantly.

On Friday, we are starting a full home cooked diet. Henry has shown sensitivity to poultry. Me and my husband were just discussing the possibility that antibiotics in meat may be what's really causing the problem. With commercial food, it's very hard to have control over what meat is in there. So, we will be doing homemade with antibiotic free meat, giving chicken a try first. I joined a food co-op list, hoping to find something in my area, hopefully accessing antibiotic free meat for a cheaper price than the grocery store.

Fall is not too far away, then we will have venison. We are going to get a deep chest freezer and fill it with as much venison as possible. My husband has a friend who will hunt us deer for a small fee.

This is the recipe we will be using:

1 to 1 1/2 cups brown rice
1 1/2 cups of boiled chicken or stew meat or venison.
1/2 cup of Veggie Goop
1/4 cup of cottage cheese in morning and 1/4 cup yogurt at evening meal.
1 teaspoon of CALL OF THE WILD.

I will post pictures and keep you all up to date of course! Riley will still be getting kibble, to help keep costs down. We'll put a small dollop of home cooked on top of his kibble so he doesn't feel too left out.


Stanislaw said...

Let us know how it goes ~ We'll keep our dewclaws crossed for you.

That's a great photo of Henry. You can really see how strong and fit he is!

Barb said...

When home cooking it is very important to supplement with calcium, since you don't feed the bones. I use ground egg shells, approximately 1 tsp/day added to the food. Good Luck!

Walking By Faith said...

Stanislaw, Henry says thank you for the compliment! You are a dashing fellow yourself with your nice shiny black fur! =)

Note to all other readers reading this, Stanislaw is a fantastic example of how healthy raw diet is. Check out his blog!

Barb, you are right, egg shell is a great source of calcium, however, there is already an assortment of sources of calcium in the recipe, through the yogurt, cottage cheese, veggie goop (leafy greens part) and also the supplement.

Cottage cheese and yogurt also has some taurine in it, which can be helpful to epileptics. (Currently we are not emplying raw sources of taurine due to Henry's re-occuring severe diarrhea)

By the way, we start the new diet TONIGHT!!!!!! There will be a whole blog entry and lots of pictures as I figure this all out. I intend to boil stew meat and bones, and then with that broth, I will cook the rice, so as to keep as many of the vitamins as possible.