Friday, August 29, 2008

And Another...

When a pet has more than one Grand-Mal in a 24 hour period, it is referred to as Cluster Seizures. Cluster seizures are not to be taken lightly.

Henry had another Grand-Mal at 4:55am. It was different from most Grand-Mals. For one thing, the ice pack took a few seconds longer to take effect. Then he got up, and started lunging at the walls. I barricaded him in a 4 foot by 4 foot corner of the bedroom next to the bed. He then settled for trying to lunge in the corner next to the dresser. He then stood rigid with back arched and bit down on the dresser and his mouth chomping on it in a surreal manner. His face looked like a werewolf. With one hand I held the ice-pack on his back, and with my other arm I wrapped it around his chest trying to hold him back from chomping on the dresser and lunging. Seizuring dogs are STRONG! Fortunately once I put the ice-pack on (second time during this Grand-mal) it did not last much longer.

It's interesting that he was adjusted in two places, and had two Grand-mals. I believe this indicates the right spots were targeted for Henry's epilepsy. It's supposed to be worse before it gets better. I sure hope from here on out he improves.

Henry seems unsure of himself. He's been acting this way since the adjustment, like he knows something is different. He's not showing any pain at all from the adjustment and never did.

He's being very sweet, giving me lots of kisses.

I am keeping him very quiet today. I am glad to have a playroom for the kids.