Friday, August 29, 2008


I wanted so much to get the stupid ice pack in effect on VIDEO. Yes, once again, Henry seized. (Grand-Mal) I have had the camera in a handy dandy spot for over two weeks now, on the ready to video the next one. I dont know how those people on You Tube must manage to get videos of their dogs Grand-Mals, I swear they must all know some kind of houdini magic.

Anyways, Henry shook all the way from his bed to the door frame 3 feet away, and was violently hitting the door frame, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, crazy fast. I RUN for that ice bag, and then go to grab the camera which is SUPPOSED to be within my reach except my husband took it and was fumbling with it before I turned it on for him. Too late, video lost. I wasn't gonna have Henry continue whacking that door frame with such extreme violence like that. I had to forget about the video. So let me just narrate the events for you instead.

~Henry goes into crazy violent Grand-Mal, reverberating several feet away from his orignal spot.

~I run for ice-pack.

~I place it on Bull's Eye spot.

~Before I can count to two, he stops reverberating all over the place.

~He then tried to walk, but had great difficulty. (Reaching for #$%^%$# not where it was supposed to be camera made me lose precious seconds so post-ictal was a little worse than usual)

~He makes it to the kitchen. Laying on his tummy, he starts peeing and pouping and his legs are paddling like crazy in splayed out fashion. It's not the same crazy Grand-Mal reverberating all over the place like before, but it's still definately a Grand-Mal.

~Grab the ice bag again, place it on Bull's Eye spot.

~Presto, stops before I can count to two.

~Henry then gets up, with difficulty, I manage to get Henry outside. (This time he had some actual post-ictal). He ran into the garage. I gently went to get him by the collar, and he jumped out of his skin and snapped at me in confusion. He ran medium speed outside for about ten-fifteen minutes. (Without ice-pack, he runs full speed for over an hour smacking into things full force)

Let me re-enforce to you all, every single second in getting that ice pack absolutely counts!

Sorry I sound so grumpy. Even a little bit of Post-Ictal is a BEAR and those of you who have experienced it know what I mean! And this is 80# of Post-Ictal!

OK, now, onto something I should have posted about earlier....


Henry had his first chiropractic adustment this afternoon. He had two adjustments done for today. He goes back in one week for more. I was warned before hand, that often epileptic dogs will have a Grand-Mal within 24 hours after their first chiropractic adjustment. And then there is improvement after that, sometimes no more seizures ever. (with cont'd diligent care such as diet and etc.)

I will re-set the count up clock tomorrow morning. I need to go apologize to my husband for snapping at him, and go to bed.