Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Someone Asked~Which Helped Most, Chiropractic Or Homecooked?

Someone on the Epil-K e-mail list asked me which I thought helped Henry more in finally being able to reach one full month of no Grand-Mals. I am sharing my answer with all of you~

The diet started first, and he started showing improvement then. The only reason he seized while on the diet was because I tried to change out the steak for chicken. I now know that chicken is a no no for Henry.

Then we started chiropractic, and he had the expected seizures that go with the first adjustment. That was a nightmare. If we did not know of the ice pack trick, I think Henry might have gone into status epileptus that night. (sp.?)

Now that Henry has had several chiropractic adjustments and is doing well with holding his adjustments, I think that is helping him stay seizure free.

Last week, he ate about 1 cup of kitty kibble, that had chicken in it. I was very worried, but, he did not have a Grand-Mal, just a few very mild flycatcher focals that evening. I am quite sure chiropractic is why Henry did not have a Grand-Mal in reaction to the chicken that day. I am continuing homecooked and no chicken regardless.