Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One Month Of NO Grand-Mals!!! Woo Hooo!!!!!!!

Hi everybuddy! I know my Mommy was supposed to post pikshurs of my speshul day yesterday, but I noticed she stills has not done that, so I am taking matters into my own paws and telling you about my speshul day myself! Yesterday, we celebrated that I finally made I one full month with NO Grand-Mals! Here are some pikshurs of how my day went~

First, (after my homecooked breakfast of course) I take my usual looong nap, while the hoomans get homeskool done. My Mommy says this is the nice thing about greyhounds, we sleep alot.

After homeskool all done, Mommy put a speshul bandana on me to help signify my speshul day, and we all went to the State Park. (All except our kitty. She doesn't care for that stuff)

Then, we went home and had a party! Mommy made beef carrot muffins with peanut butter zucchini frosting topped with a dollop of yogurt and a strawberry. Both me and my extra furry brother got one. They were YUMMY!

Do not worry, the choklat syrup is for the hoomans. I know choklat VEWY bad for houndies!
And that is how my day went! =)


Heidi said...

Topaz says, "YEAH HENRY!!!!"