Saturday, October 4, 2008


Henry broke his 35 day streak and seized last night at 10:20 pm. It was so severe I was not able to apply ice pack as he was flying all over. I have bruises and a gazillion scratches on my inner left calf from when I was trying to stop his head from banging the wall so hard. It sounded like a jackhammer in our bedroom. I imagine Henry's head is sore today. The post-ictal was TERRIBLE. Henry cried all night. I sang our special song to him softly over and over and kept him cool and did occular compression and took him for a walk around the block at 2 am. He slept in our bed, which he NEVER does when we are in the bed.

He was post-ictal still when we woke. He was finally resting comfortably at about 4:30 pm, and at 5:10, he went into another Grand-Mal. This time, while it was still bad, it wasn't like last nights and I was able to apply the ice-pack which helped tremendously. Henry is walking around the house a little bit. He's nowhere near as bad as he was last night. Let's hope the worst is over.

Not a good day for Henry. =(

UPDATE: Henry received an emergency chiropractic adjustement this evening. He was pretty far out of alignment.

UPDATE #2: Chiropractor did warn me, that since Henry was so out of alignment, he may once again get worse before better. So we had a nagging fear Henry may seize one more time. And he did, at 9pm. This one milder than the last two, and extra short thanks to ice pack. In the ten minutes before the last Grand-mal started, Henry started crying and trembling and panting. Then in the 30 seconds prior to it starting, he got up from next to me on the sofa, walked over to his nest bed, and fell over stiff right before he made it. I flew for ice-pack and was able to stop it pretty quick.

You know, with each Grand-Mal. He empties his bowels out more. Hopefully he has all that egg out now. (read above post about trigger)