Sunday, October 5, 2008

An Update~

Henry is doing alot better. He is still on the bed and hasn't left it since we got home from the vet this morning around 11am. He is awake, and looking around. No more panting, crying or shivering. He seems unsure. Probably a mix of fear of ever going through that nightmare again, and also the meds probably have him a little loopy.

I'll gladly take loopy over what he was like before we went to the vet, and I'm sure Henry agrees.

In the next few weeks, the side effects of his seizure meds will be at their worst. And as the medicine begins to really take effect, and do it's job at it's best, the side effects will not be as strong become alot more bearable.

A few side effects I expect:

~extreme hunger

~ataxia in rear legs

~extra thirst, that one will stay.


Within about 1-4 months, there will be improvement both in less side effects and less seizures.

If Henry begins his panting, crying and shivering again, I am going to give him a Valium right then rather than wait until he seizes.

I had never seen him on Valium before, and I really like how it almost instantly cured the panting, crying and shivering, and best of all, stopped the cluster!

You all know I tend to be anti-drug, but sometimes it just really isn't a choice to go without. I'm still going to do all I can in giving Henry the best diet and everything else. I believe it all plays a part and Henry needs ALL the help he can get.

Maybe the drugs will shorten his life in the long run, or maybe they won't, but I sincerely believe the drugs saved his life and he would be dead right now if it were not for drugs.