Sunday, October 5, 2008

Home From Vet After a Cluster Of 5 Grand-Mals

Henry had 5 Grand-Mals in the last day and a half. The last two were only an hour and a half apart. We rushed to the vet. The vet gave Henry a hefty shot of valium and he is out of it at the moment. Medication right now that we are trying is

1 1/2 1 grain phenobarb pills twice daily

250 mg/ml potassium bromide 2ml twice daily <--the vet says that one just for awhile, then wean Henry off that later when pheno is doing the job.

Milk thistle 150 mg. Forgot to ask if this was once daily or twice daily. Will get that at health food store

Rectal valium as needed.

Continuing with homecooked.

We are all feeling pretty fried over here. I hope Henry never has to go through that ever again.

Henry is just one of those really severe epilepsy cases, and he needs ALL the help he can get, both in conventional meds, natural meds, and homecooked diet.

I really, really tried to go with no meds. For Henry it just can't be done.