Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 3

No diarhea, both dogs made bowel movements on noon walk. Somewhat mucousy, but nice and hard. A little lighter in color. Other than yesterday's small throw up from Henry, there has been no more throwing up. Transition seems to be going perfectly smooth! =)

It feels so good to put all natural unprocessed foods in their bowls. I believe idiopathic epilepsy is often (not always) simply having a lower threshold of tolerance for toxins than other dogs. So I cringed at putting dry kibble in Henry's bowl, wondering if that was much of the problem behind his seizures. I cringe at the thought of giving Henry heartworm medicine when it warms up, but my hope is since his body will be so much more detoxified due to this very natural diet, perhaps the heartworms pills wont do as much damage. I know Henry having to endure treatment for heartworm infestation would be much worse than the preventative.

A note about Riley, he has had a crusty wart thing on his face since September. Last night, much of it crumbled off. =) I wonder if it has something to do with the diet?