Saturday, February 16, 2008

Figuring Out The Cost...

OK, so I wanted to share our first grocery shopping reciept for B.A.R.F.

$6.85 for 8.35lbs chicken (2 whole chickens, 82 cents a lb at Wal-Mart)
$1.17 for 1.22lb yam
$3.08 12oz. frozen blueberries
$11.10 for approx. 5 days worth for 130 lbs of dog. Not bad!

Supplements for 1 large dog: (totally optional, I wouldn't even use any at all on a healthy dog)
$6.24 for 150 fish oil capsules, 75 days worth at 2 a day
$4.97 for 100 Vitamin E softgels, 50 days worth
$37.50 (that inc. s&h) kelp, 96 days worth<--kelp can be found for much cheaper by the way