Saturday, February 16, 2008

First B.A.R.F. Feeding

We had originally planned to grind our dog's raw meat and bones. Riley is 13 and his teeth are not in good shape. Henry is missing 2 molars, 1 front, and has 2 broken canines that are broken very low down. All those broken teeth are on one side of his mouth, the same side of his mouth that has a whole bunch of scars, which leads me to think he had an injury there. Anyways, back to the story. I get all my goods laid out. The meat, my poultry scissors, the meat grinder, and I start to grind the meat. The meat grinder broke almost immediately! So, there we were. Our hearts set on feeding the dogs raw. Determined, I proceeded to hand chop the meat with the scissors. My husband noticed that I didn't seem to be having that hard a time cutting through the meat. So, per my wonderful and very supportive husband's suggestion, I one piece at a time, slowly let the dogs eat their meat and bones unground. Henry at first tried to chew a little on either side, then quickly figured out one side worked much better than the other, and then did all the rest of his chewing on that side. He did a good job of taking his time, and thoroughly chewing everything. Riley attempted to chew the first piece, and we could see he was having some difficulty. After that first piece, he seemed to resort to swallowing it as whole as possible, which has me rather nervous. We shall see what happens with that.So anyways, there you have it, our first experience of feeding raw! =)

"Whew! That was GOOD!"


Stanislaw said...

Hi! I hope all went well. I read that your grinder broke -- I've read that people will "marinate" their bone-in pieces in apple cider vinegar because it softens the bones. Perhaps this may be worth looking into if you're nervous about it? Anyway, congrats!

Emily said...

Stanislaw, thanks for the tip, I am going to check that out.

Riley is managing, but with difficulty and we stay by his side with the poultry scissors in hand and help him through it. My hope is after a week or so on barf, his teeth condition will improve and he wont have as hard of a time.