Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Common Ice Pack Mistakes

I would like to address some common mistakes that limit the effectiveness of the ice pack trick.

~Use crushed ice, not cubed ice. You need it to form to the back.

~Periodically check the bag of ice to make sure it is not stuck in a clump. Break up as needed.

~Do NOT use frozen veggies. Seriously! If you want *BEST* results, use what is *coldest*, which is ICE. Nothing will be colder than a bag of crushed ice. Do not use special cooler packs made to keep your cooler cold either. For BEST results, use crushed ice. You have found veggies to be effective? Great! Ice will work even BETTER!

~Apply it as QUICKLY as possible.

~If you have a long haired breed, you will need to part the hair well so there isn't a bunch of fur between the ice pack and the back.

~For easy reference of where the ice pack goes, I am re-posting the diagram.