Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sixteen Days!

I'm so stinking excited!!!! If Henry can make it to 21 days, he will have beat his record since this whole mess started! It means there is definately a light at the end of the tunnel! Henry continues to do very well. He is not even having flycatchers. He's not twitchy anymore, he seems more even and coherent.

Even if he should have a grand-mal right now, I know this diet is better for him than any other diet he has been on!

You know what else I love? Our house smells so much better! ;) No more farting! =D


Anonymous said...

ok I'm smiling ear to ear who would of thought in helping one hound could turn out to have helped others. I can remember the original post for Lucky then moon he was facing uncertain death before GT posted his delema. Any way I digress. Because of these great results I have made the decission to take Lucky off the PB altogether as of last night.



Emily said...

Paul, it really is amazing how one grey's battle and triumph over epilepsy can help other dogs with epilepsy so much, especially when we share what we learn and what works for our hounds! There's so much I did not know just a few months ago! Lucky's battle was not in vain. Lucky is making the world a better place for other dogs with epilepsy such as Henry. =)