Saturday, August 9, 2008

Well, He Made It 23 Days This Time

Henry had a grand-mal this afternoon. Started out extremely violent. I grabbed the ice pack, wanted to grab the camera, but Henry was really flying and about to fall off the couch. So I couldn't get it on video.

This time he hurt himself in his mouth, and there was quite a bit of blood. I can't find exactly where in his mouth he hurt himself. I think he bit the bottom of his tongue. The bleeding has ended.

Anyways, remember how many of you helped me figure out the ice pack needs to be placed higher on Henry's spine? Well I did that this time, and even with the grand-mal of this magnitude, I still had better results. He didn't even need to make a bowel movement at all during the grand-mal. He made his bowel movement outside *after* the seizure was fully over.

I think the trigger was a raw chicken neck I gave him yesterday. I was hoping since it was organic it would be OK. No more chicken necks for Henry.

I anxiously await to see if Henry can make it longer next time. I really hate re-starting the countup clock all over. =(