Monday, August 11, 2008

Figuring Henry Out More & More

When I started the home-cooked diet, I still had a few un-resolved questions about Henry and what his triggers are. First of all, I wasn't sure about the dairy in the diet. For *some* epi-dogs, it can be a trigger. Clearly for Henry, it is not! =)

I also was not sure if Henry had a sensitivity to chicken, or if he had a sensitivity to antibiotics in meat. (antibiotics are a definate trigger for Henry)

For the first 22 days, Henry ate organic beef. I then switched to organic chcken, and I fed him a raw chicken neck Friday evening. The raw chicken neck was a BIG no-no. He had a grand-mal the next day. I then proceeded to continue to feed him the cooked chicken I started that same evening I gave him the raw neck, and made note not to *ever* feed him raw anything ever again.

Henry then had flycatchers last night. It helps me that Henry no longer has daily flycatchers in that when he *does* have flycatchers, I look at what he has had in the last 24 hours and do some detective work with his diet. Today Henry is going back on the beef. No more chicken for Henry.

Lucky however, the greyhound's diet we are impersonating, does not do well on beef. He gets chicken instead. There's some trial and error involved in figuring out your individual epi-dog, and then you tweak the recipe accordingly.

Lucky & Henry's recipes are identical, except in that we use different meat.